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The papers and reports in Parenthood in America represent the proceedings of a national conference held in Madison, Wisconsin in April, 1998 (see below). The electronic version of this work is published by the General Library System of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The University of Wisconsin Press is also preparing a print edition. Though we are making this work freely available on the Internet, please note that individual authors hold the copyright to each paper. If you wish to reuse the information here in any context, please contact the authors or the General Library System for permission.

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The print version of Parenthood in America will include chapters written by the Conference faculty and edited by Dr. Jack Westman. The book will deal with parenthood in America -- past, present and future. It will be approximately 300-350 pages, 6" x 9", fully indexed, and is scheduled to be available from the University of Wisconsin Press in the Fall of 1999.

Ken Frazier provided invaluable vision and support for this project. The demanding job of HTML markup was done (very patiently) by Liane Luckman, and Sue Jiang and Keith Rye developed the indexing structure and server environment.

Peter Gorman

About the Conference

Parenthood in America, a national conference attracting 512 participants from 32 states and Guam, was held April 19-21, 1998 at the Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison, Wisconsin. The purpose of the conference was "to accord parenthood the status it deserves in our society." The focus was on parenthood as a developmental process through which parents and children grow together, enhanced by the support of the families, their communities and society.

A national advisory committee sketched out the issues, topics and potential speakers for the conference and a local planning committee did yeoman's work in planning and implementing a conference with the following: two plenary addresses, twelve sessions with major speakers and reactor panels, fourteen symposia with multiple perspectives on practical issues, a poster session with nearly 40 exhibitors from across the country and four work groups organized to create and strengthen national organizations aimed at empowering parents and families. The creativity of the four work groups continues in efforts to create a national parent organization and in efforts to strengthen a National Parenting Education Network, a Family Support Network and a Family Centered Health Care Network.

This conference was sponsored by seven schools/colleges at the University of Wisconsin-Madison: Medical School, School of Nursing, School of Human Ecology, College of Letters and Sciences, School of Education, School of Social Work and Division of Continuing Studies. Financial support was provided by several foundations and agencies at the state and federal level-we are grateful to the following groups for their generous support of this conference:

This Web site offers the proceedings from the conference. A follow-up book on "Parenthood in America" is currently being planned by the University of Wisconsin Press. We hope these proceedings will whet your appetite for the book!

I want to extend a warm thank you to Jack Westman, who provided the initial vision for the conference as well as leadership throughout the planning process. A warm thank you to Ann Whitaker for all of her time and effort in facilitating the logistics of the conference-before, during and following the event-as conference coordinator, And thanks to Dee Mack whose usual attention to detail as program assistant is greatly appreciated. Finally, the national advisory committee and the local conference planning committee are thanked for their insights, advice and work in making this conference a success.

National Advisory Committee Local Planning Committee
  • Marguerite Barratt
  • Diana Baumrind
  • Marc Bornstein
  • Maya Carlson
  • Felton Earls
  • Stephen Graubard
  • Beatrix Hamburg
  • Deborah Johnson
  • Mary Larner
  • Marvin McKinney
  • Karen Pridham
  • Lisbeth Schorr
  • Stephen Small
  • Bernice Weissbourd
  • Jack Westman
  • Roger Williams
  • Kathryn Taaffe Young
  • Anne Arneson
  • Richard Aronson
  • Marguerite Barratt
  • Marianne Block
  • Jody Diedrich
  • Ethel Dunn
  • Harold Goldsmith
  • Mary Gothard
  • Marc Hansen
  • Bonnie Hutchins
  • Deborah Johnson
  • Lewis Leavitt
  • Karen Pridham
  • Arthur Reynolds
  • Nadine Schwab
  • Stephen Small
  • Jack Westman
  • Ann Whitaker
  • Roger Williams

Roger T. Williams
Conference Director

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